No place can contain God

In 1 Kings chapter 8 is the account of Solomon dedicating the temple. In this prayer of dedication, one verse jumped off the page and met me in a deep place in my heart as I walk on these bumpy paths on the pilgrim’s journey toward the home where I have never been (eternity with God).

On this rocky road that we call life, I need reminders (like these words that Solomon spoke) of the vastness of God. Too often I make God small, for me he is more manageable if he fits in the boxes that I construct.

“Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain You, how much less this house (the temple) which I have built.” 1 Kings 8:27

God is big. There is not a place that my finite mind can imagine that would contain him. God has no boundaries. God is not tame.

Through the tears of suffering it is hard to see. It is hard to see how big God is. In the past months my eyes have been darkened for sure. More days like that may come, will come. Yet I am thankful that in his mercy, he allows me to see glimpses (through the truth of his word) of his vastness.

God cannot be confined by time and space. So easy to say, so hard to comprehend.

Does this comfort my heart? Yes. God knows my frame, knows my deep needs. God is not only present where the “good” things are happening, but he comes to be With me in the darkest of days.

Then there is this concept. God, in all his majesty, he loves us enough, shows interest in us, is ready to show his mercy, that he comes down from that lofty place of his holiness to be with his people. To walk and shepherd us with a tender mercy that brings healing and restoration.

The temple? Today? He lives and dwells in me. Mind blowing to say in the least that the God who cannot be contained by the heavens, comes to dwell in us.

Lord of heaven and earth. Thank you that you have come to be with your people. Your presence, may it comfort me and minister to me. You have not chosen easy paths for your children, so please continue to give me a big view of You! Help me to see you for who you are, even if my eyes are watered by the tears of hard days. I need you, and I am thankful that you do not need me. Praise your name for you are God and God alone, there is none like you and there is no place that can contain you or box you in. You are always bigger than I can ever imagine. You are always greater and more powerful than I can ever dream. You exist outside of the bounds of my finite, pea-sized thinking.

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