Throw away the yardstick

I just discovered a new author, one who it seems has a kindred spirit (or at least, struggled with the same internal doubts and weaknesses as I do).

This morning, a prayer of Brennan Manning (at the end of chapter 8 in his book Souvenirs of Solitude) … speaks to my need to know and be reaffirmed in God’s amazing love toward me, his child. Pilgrims can forget these things…pilgrims like me, need to be reminded daily of God’s radical love that is not measured with a yardstick.

From Brennan Manning…

“Lord, thank you

For not giving up on me.

Thank you

For not washing your hands of me.

Thank you

For not turning your back on me and my brokenness.

Lord, thank you

For not considering me

A hopeless case;

For not shrugging your shoulders

And walking away

From my innumerable failures,

Great and small.

Lord, thank you

For believing in me

When I can’t believe in myself.

Thank you

For hoping in me

When I can’t hope in myself.

Thank you

For trusting me

When I can’t trust in myself.

Thank you, Lord,

For being my Father

Who believes in me,

Who hopes in me,

Who trusts me

And loves me (all through Jesus)

Forever and ever —

No matter what.

Lord, forgive me for thinking

That your love for me

And my love for you

Can be measured

With the same


Your love for me

Doesn’t depend

On what I do for you,

Your love for me

doesn’t falter

In the face

Of silence.

Your love for me

Doesn’t shrivel

In the face

Of my refusal to respond.

Your love for me

Doesn’t use me,

Force me,

Manipulate me

Or coerce me,

Your love for me

Is free,

And it sets me free.

Forgive me, Lord,

For trying to do to you

What your love

Won’t allow you

To do to me.

And even now

You say to me,

“Throw away

That yardstick!”

Lord, I’m so happy

That you’re God!”

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