Words I need now

From my journal – July 16, 2019 (written days leading up to needing to leave our home, not by choice)…

Reading today from 1 Peter and Psalm 121….two passages that are in my reading plan and come at an appropriate time in my walk. Times are tense right now. I am still confused with what all is going on.

Lord, these ones who are opposing us, why are they slinging lies about me? Is this to ruin my (and our) reputation? Are people believing these lies that make no sense? By your mercy, will you help us to walk worthy of you and show others that you are our glory and that we love you and are lead by your truth? Will you strengthen our walk so that the lies and words don’t cause us to stumble? We want your name to be lifted up, your name to be glorified. If we are the targets, may your name not be defamed — especially in the way that we react and walk through this. Help us in this!

1 Peter 1:1-12 speaks clearly to me. Oh how I pray that the truths in this chapter are worked deeply in the hearts of those that we are walking through life with!!

Peter reminds me, that as aliens and strangers…

• There is glory that comes through trials and persecution. This needs to be my focus in trials. Help me to fix my eyes on eternity!

• God has blessed me in Christ! According to your great mercy you have caused me to be born again. Help me to not forget who I am!

• You have given me a living hope through Jesus’ resurrection! Anchor me to this truth!

• My inheritance is not only secure through Christ, but it is imperishable, undefiled, and will not fade away! Remind me of this as these lies about me continue to spread.

• You are storing up so much for me in heaven, not because of what I do here, but because of your covenant love that will bring me through this life, preparing me for eternal praise of your name.

• Peter says….So rejoice in this!!! Even though now, for a short time, you suffer.

Lord, help me to rejoice in this trial. This is so far from being a natural response and I am struggling to even comprehend how these events are being played out right now. What are you doing this summer? Will I ever know? Can I trust your good plans, not just say that I do, but really trust you? Will you use us and how we walk through this trial for your glory? Help us to stay fixed on you! Give us eyes that see all of this as it is, temporary difficulties on the journal towards eternity.