They have not prevailed

Below is from my journal, July 24, 2019…confusing days…

I think I am still in shock. My head is still spinning, trying to grapple with what just happened in our lives. Is the door really closing? Is it closed? Why was it slammed shut??

Are we really not safe to return home? Will we be able to? When? How?

Are we making this all up? What did I do that caused this to happen??

Lord, what are you doing? Will we ever know? Is there good at the end of this? Can good come from this? Are you working your mystery behind the scenes?

This morning after reading I ended up in Psalm 129….

“Too often they have attacked me from my youth,

yet they have not prevailed against me.” (Psa 129:1–2).

The attacks are now. The attacks have been coming over the last week….but Lord, how many days, months, have they been plotting?

Yes, I can say with David, that even though the attacks have come, are coming….”YET they have not prevailed!”

The attacks have not destroyed me. I am not in jail. False charges have not officially been brought against us.

They have not prevailed. Their plans have not succeeded (well, maybe some part of them have).

You are protecting us and using wise people to guide us. Thank you! Give us wisdom, give us warnings, give us a sense of your leading in this mess.

Pressed in on all sides…yet we can still say (at least today) that they have not prevailed.

What lies ahead Lord? A story with an outcome like Joseph? Either way, you be the judge. Help me (us) to not bring judgment or to act out of line with our trust and faith in you, the judge of all things. In the end, the evil plots and plans, they will never prevail because your sovereign and powerful hand controls all things. You Lord will drive this narrative to make yourself known.

Help me to let go of everything that you have given us. Help me to submit to your good plan that makes no sense, does not “feel” good, and does not seem like it could result in good. Oh Lord, how you are showing me that I am so small compared to you and your greatness. Eternal Lord, help my finite vision, my dimmed eyes, see you more clearly.

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