He reaches down to the lowly

Another journal entry that ended in tears and stopped the typing. August 2, 2019…

Oh, the timing of God’s Word! While walking through trials, God brings me truth from two places this morning (again, from my normal bible reading plan)….these two passages picked me up just when I needed to be picked up.

First, Luke 1:46-55, Mary’s song of praise:

• Very high view of God

• Accurate view of self (low)

• God took notice of her, in her lowly state (thank you Lord that you do the same for me!!!!)

• His mercy shown to Mary, will be told from generation to generation (Lord, help me to tell my story of you picking me up and making me whole!!)

• The Mighty One, is holy (set apart, unique, none other like him)

• He is great, and He has done great things (And you are doing great things right now even through those “things” look quite bad to me, and they feel even worse!!)

• Fear him, and he will show mercy through every generation (Lord, help me to be in awe of your holiness and how set apart you are from your creation and how set apart your works are from the way we do things!!!)

• His mighty arm does tremendous things (tremendous as in, suffering and pain….tremendous as in, you are doing 10,000 things that I cannot even see!!)

• Scatters the proud, removes kings (Yes, that is the heart of my prayers in these days!!!)

• Exalts the lowly, satisfies the hungry (satisfy me!!! Your hand has brought me low!!)

• Does not forget his promise to be merciful (Oh Lord, thank you that you do not forget your promise of mercy!!)

Then, believe it or not, my reading plan has me starting to read Job. In the midst of people being removed from my life, fleeing our home, our “work” for the Lord ending, I am reading with tears the book of Job!

Job 1:13-22

• Worst day imaginable for Job, a righteous man

• Loses family, livestock, servants

• Response…?

• Verse 20-21

• tore his robe

• Shaved his head

• Fell down

• And worshipped

• “Naked I came from my mothers womb, and naked I shall return”

• “Yahweh gave, and Yahweh takes away, blessed be the name of Yahweh”

I can’t type anymore/

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