Where are the results?

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In Genesis 15, Abram has a question for God. After hearing of God’s protection of Abram, and that God will reward him, Abram wonders…

“O Sovereign Lord, what good are all of your blessings when I don’t even have a son?” (15:2)

Abram was wondering about the results of all of God’s promises. Or at least, if God is promises rewards and blessings that will come through Abram (Gen 12), then where is the most important part of God fulfilling his word, a child?

John MacArthur comments…

“The question, “What will You give me?” (v. 2) became an accusation, “You have not given me!” (v. 3). The Lord’s rejection of Abram’s solution (v. 4) preceded God’s reiterated promise of innumerable descendants (v. 5).

God, you are so full of mercy. You were to Abram, you are to me!

The promises of faith are more concrete than the conclusions of logic.

Abraham wanted to know for sure what God would do (v8), and God met his need. The one-sided covenant ceremony that God performs is liken to our salvation through Christ alone.

As for the daily practical life of faith, this chapter teaches me that assurance comes from the Word of God. And my role is to let God be God.

God gave Abraham a capsule forecast of events: the sojourn of Israel in Egypt, their suffering in Egypt, their deliverance in the fourth generation (Ex. 6:16–26), and their possession of the Promised Land. Note that God says, “I have given this land” (v. 18), and not, “I will give” as in 12:7.

God’s promises are as good as His performances!

Wiersbe notes that “at least seven words or phrases appear in this chapter for the first time: “The Word of the Lord” (v. 1); “Fear not” (v. 1); reward (v. 1); heir and inherit (vv. 3, 7); believe, counted, righteousness (all in v. 6). This chapter shows us that there can be no heirship without sonship (Rom. 8:16–17), no righteousness without faith (Rom. 4:3ff), no assurance without promises, and no blessing without suffering. It had to become dark before Abraham could see God’s stars!”

Help me Lord to believe and say “Amen” even when I don’t physically see results. I need your grace to believe in such a way!!

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