God is in this

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A poem while reflecting on the book of Esther chapters 1-4. Maybe the word “god” is not in this book, but God is certainly in this story!

God is in this.

The Evil one makes plans,
Plans to destroy.

Darkness hates the light,
Light has to be snuffed out.

Hope is the key,
Remove it and people despair.

The plot is set.
The plans are in motion.

Wipe them out.
Remove them.
Destroy every last one.

The city of Susa,
The month of Adar,
The thirteenth day.

The Holy One has a plan,
To keep his people.

He is the Light,
Darkness will never overtake him.

He is hope,
He secures it by his power.

Nothing can thwart him,
No power compares to his.


Faith is risky.
Belief in a God you cannot see.

Esther was committed to pray,
Esther didn’t know the outcome.

“I may perish,” she says,
But she is sure,
God is in this.

Knowing God is there,
Knowing God hears…

Is that enough for me?
Is the God I can’t see sufficient for me?
Do I have to see answers before I walk in faith?

God is in this.
The Holy One has a plan.

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