You can’t handle the truth

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Reading through Mark, particularly today, in chapter 3. There is a pattern in Mark’s fast-paced account of Jesus. In these beginning chapters, there is a repetition: confrontation and then retreat to the wilderness. The ever-present crowd is there, only it has grown significantly larger. Jesus’ popularity is growing, as is the hatred of those who are already plotting to put him to death.

In verse 9, Jesus must take the precaution of having a boat ready in case the crowd forces him into the lake. They keep pushing forward just to touch him, that was enough for so many of them.

Something that stands out as I read today is that those who are demon-possessed are shouting his true identity at the top of their lungs. The Greek tense of the verb in 3:11 is that they are continually screaming out loud that he is the Son of God.

Like we read in the gospel so often, it wasn’t Jesus’ time.

Rebuking the spirits, Jesus is “strongly warning” them to keep quiet. The New Living Translation uses “sternly.”

The foundation of the ministry of Jesus has been laid (in these initial chapters of Mark).

A fundamental break with organized religion has occurred; he will appear in the synagogue only once more (Mk 6:1-6). And no matter how much Jesus tries to avoid it, his popularity is getting out of control.

But Jesus slows the revelation of who he is down. He quiets the demons. He silences the word of who he is.

God chooses when he reveals truth.
God chooses when he reveals His will.
God chooses, He knows when, He knows how.
He knows why.

Jesus shushing the demons in Mark reminds me that God will speak, will reveal, will act, will carry out his plan, when he knows it is best to do so.

the Bible Knowledge Commentary state, “In silencing their untimely cries Jesus reaffirmed His submission to God’s plan for the progressive disclosure of His identity and mission.”

Progressive. Not all at once.

Most of the time, when this relates to life, I think it is because God knows that I can’t handle the truth. Grace for today, not tomorrow. Knowledge in part, not in whole.

Lord, help me to submit to your timing. Help me to be content in that timing. Help me to rest in your timing.

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