The Storm


Reflection on Mark 6:45-52.

Jesus sends them across the Sea.
He knows the storm that will come.
Jesus knows the lessons ahead.

The disciples row for hours and hours.
Exhausted, frustrated, in danger of life itself.
They are clueless on the lessons ahead.

Why the storm? Why the danger?
They hadn’t been disobedient,
They were obeying Jesus’ command.

Jesus walks to them.
He could have quieted the sea from shore.
Like no one else could have, he walks to them.

Jesus isn’t after the storm.
He isn’t walking to calm the waves.
He is after the men in the middle of the difficulty.

“It is I.”
“Do not be afraid.”
“I AM.”

Storms are sent.
They affirm the Great I AM is with us.
They reveal our need for closeups with God’s glory.

Peace isn’t found in calm waters.
Peace is in the presence, power, and grace
Of the great I AM.

Storms take us beyond our
Natural ability, wisdom, and strength.

Storms usher us into God’s care,
His grace, His presence, His loving arms.

Not alone in the storm.

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