It’s all different now

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It’s all different now

Suffering is a taskmaster.
A teacher of the heart.

The way I see pain, is different now.
The way I understand grief, is different now.

Prayer has taken on new meaning.
“Thy will” means so much more.

The way I see loss.
The way I value Christ.

“Fair” doesn’t mean what is used to.
“Why” has a different tone.

God’s goodness,
His faithfulness,
mercy, and love…

The purpose for his power,
The reason for his justice,
The expanse of his knowledge…

I have so much to learn!

May the God of compassion and mercy,
He who is slow to anger and filled with
Unfailing love and faithfulness,
The One who lavishes his love to a thousand generations…

Draw me close so that I can know him deeper!

Suffering changes everything.
A shaper of the heart.

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