He is just

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As I have been reading in the Psalms over the past days (thankful that my reading plan has brought me again to Psalms), I am seeing a growing intensity. At least up to Psalm 7.

We don’t fully know who wrote the first two psalms, but psalms 3-7 are each attributed to David. In fact, most all of the “Book 1” collection of Psalms (1-41), are penned by David.

In Psalm 3 David is praying for deliverance. David seems to be in more distress in Psalm 4 (yet ends in peace as he goes to the God of his safety). Psalm 5 is flat out intense, and Psalm 6, David’s emotions are anguish as he weeps and admits how worn out he is.

In Psalm 7, David is crying out for God’s vindication. Even calling on God to “wake up” in verse 6.

The source of David’s troubles is less known to us (“concerning Cush of the tribe of Benjamin.” However, the smallest tribe of the Israelites, Benjamin, seemed to be a thorn in his side. Saul. Shimei. Sheba. The smoldering hostility from the tribe of Benjamin was always coming after David. “Cush” seemed to be no different.

The banner over this psalm is “The Lord is just.” All around David was injustices.

David seems to be looking for the referee. He is staying in bounds, but others are playing as if there are no rules.

In David’s anguish and frustrations, he comes to one very key conclusion.

“I will thank the Lord because he is just. I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.” Psalm 7:17

He can praise God because he knows…
even when the whole world is against him, God is just.
even when justice does not seem to be “winning”, God is just.
even when life does not seem fair, God is just.
even when evil is flourishing, God is just.

David’s circumstances (as bad as they were so often in his life) can never threaten who God is — a just God who will make all things right.

David prays for protection, deliverance, for rescue. David asks God to take his stand for justice sake, for God’s rule over the nations, for the Judge to come in anger. David prays for evil to end, for the righteous to be defended (7:1, 6, 7, 8).

David declares that God is his shield. He is an honest judge (7:10).

And David rests in this: one day, God will sharpen his sword, he will bend and string his bow. He is just (7:12).

David knows that the day will come when the evil will fall in the very traps that they are setting. The trouble that they back will surely backfire. The violence that they have planned, will fall on their own heads (7:16).

I’m asking more and more these days, that my soul finds rest in this: He is just.

None of the circumstances (past, present, future) that surround me changes that truth. God is just.

“I will thank the Lord because he is just. I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.” Psalm 7:17

He is a Judge who is fair;
He is a Shield that is sure.
His mighty power is everywhere,
And His Word will e’er endure.


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