Yet You are Holy

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Reflecting on Psalm 22…

“Yet You are Holy”

Everything before us was taken away. Had we been forsaken? Forgotten? Abandoned?

“Yet you are holy.”

Life as we knew it was ripped out of our hands. Did we do something wrong? Mistakes? Failures?

“Yet you are holy.”

Hopes and dreams were shattered before our eyes. Will you fix the broken? Heal the wounds? Restore what was lost?

“Yet you are holy.”

Set apart.
Not like us.
Higher plans.
Thoughts beyond ours.
Better ways.
Perfect purpose.

Yes, you are holy.

Not forsaken.
Not forgotten.
Never abandoned.

Redeemer of wrongs.
Nothing wasted.
Victorious over failures.

Picks up the pieces.
Heals the broken.
Washes the wounds.
Sufficient in any loss.

Yes, you are holy.

You alone are God.

One comment

  1. Can only say AMEN to this journal entry and thank you for expressing your heart wrapped in God’s truth. Beautiful photography. Thank you.


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