Realign my heart!

Another journal from the summer. This one is from July 28, 2019….

Today I read further from 2 Samuel and then 2 Peter (as God floods me with words of strength in the midst of persecution)….but it is my time in Psalms that has brought me to a place of conviction, and then hope.

Why conviction? Lord, you know the depths of my heart. When I read Psalm 145, I am convicted by the words of praise that are repeated over and over. Blessings that David attributes to you, because of your power, your deeds, your majesty, your works, your mercy, your provisions. This Psalm is just dripping with tears of praise, while I sit hear with tears of pain in the midst of loss.

My shortsightedness. Forgive me for seeing only the problem that is before us rather than seeing you. Oh, how I want to declare, like David, that I will extol you, and bless your name forever and ever (verse 1)!! I am ashamed that I have not only missed one day (of forever and ever), but so many days!

Why is it so hard to come to you today and praise you? David says “every day”! And his reasons for daily praise, may they lift me out of the pit today!!

Reasons for David’s concert of praise:

The Lord is great!

Your acts are mighty!

Your majesty and splendor are glorious!

Your wonderful works are meditate-worthy!

Your awesome acts are full of power!

Your abundant goodness overflows men’s memories!

Your righteousness causes me to shout!

You are gracious and merciful!

You are slow to anger and great in lovingkindness towards me!

In fact, you are good and gracious to all people!

Every work and act is covered by mercy!

Your kingdom is glorious!

Your power causes people to talk with amazement!

Your mighty acts capture the attention of all people!

Your kingdom is eternal, everlasting!

Your dominion and control endures to all generations!

You sustain me when I fall!

You raise up all those who are brought low!

You demand the gaze and amazement of all people!

You supply food from your open and giving hand!

You satisfy all creatures!

Your deeds are always right!

Your acts are full of kindness!

You are near to all those who call on you!

You fulfill the desires of those who stand in fear and awe!

You hear our cries, you save us, you love us!

You will destroy the wicked!

My lips have no other choice than to praise you!!

My heart jumped all over verses 14 and 18. He sustains me, he raises me up! He is near to me, he hears me!

What more can I ask for?

Help me Lord to live out this psalm in the midst of the wicked plans that surround us. In the midst of everyone doubting that God is in this and that we have to fight back, give me a heart that wants to praise you. You are not a silent God, a far-off God. You hear us, you care, you love, you intercede. You are righteous in all your deeds and in the end, you will judge the wicked. Give contentment!

Help the way that I tell this story, bring honor to you and declare that you are King, sovereign over everything. May the way I tell the story demonstrate my faith and love for you, my all-sufficient God who is not at my every beck and call, but who acts independently for your own glory!

Do I trust you? Am I lauding your works or fretting the evil deeds that are coming from the wicked? Do I honor you, and recognize your hand is in this?

Change my heart! Change my tongue! Oh the power of the tongue and of our words. Can the words of these people drive others to vengeance? I am sure that James would say yes, by his evaluation of the damage that our words can do. Lord, we need you to control our words, our minds, our hearts, so that we make much of you in the midst of the wicked.

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